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About Visit Sutherland

Visit Sutherland emerged as an idea brought forward by the voluntary sector in Sutherland to investigate opportunities for Homecoming 2014. The Council of Voluntary Services North (CVS North) and Voluntary Groups East Sutherland (VGES) secured funding in 2011 from the Sutherland Partnership Community Project Development Scheme to invite ideas from community groups across Sutherland.

As we all know there is a huge variety of community run events that take place across the county every year from exhibitions, gala’s, Highland games, flower shows, craft fairs, sporting events,…the list is endless and there really is something for everyone! It was decided that providing a platform for visitors and locals to easily search for events in their areas would benefit the community groups, tourism in Sutherland and local businesses by promoting our wonderful events far and wide. This website is the result.

We are delighted that we have secured funding from The Highland Council in this special year of Homecoming 2014 to further develop our website and marketing of Sutherland’s wonderful community events.

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