Durness Dog Trials (10)

Durness Sheepdog Trials

Watch the skill of “one man & his or her dog” against the wiles of local sheep. Last Saturday in September.

Durness has become a recognised venue worthy of participation and is established as part of the acknowledged circuit. The event occurs in September. The surrounding landscape of mountains showing their true splendour as they provide a magnificent backdrop to the trial field adjacent to the Kyle of Durness at Keoldale Farm

The stiff competition and friendly rivalry at dog trials provides an atmosphere of welcoming. The Durness occasion presents the last opportunity for the preparation of novice dogs. There is a nursery section for dogs under two years old offering the last chance of practice under course conditions before the nursery trials proper commence at various venues throughout the country.

The Durness event is organised by a very small band of enthusiasts and the credit for the attraction of top handlers is due to Farm Manager Jock Sutherland and Martin Mackay. They travel nation wide to dog trials and are high on the scale of champions.

The day starts at 8am with the local entries and ends late in the afternoon as dusk falls. Around fifty-five competitors some running two and three dogs take part.



Mary Mackay

Durness Sheepdog Trials committee